[ FUZZ PEDALS by Pekka ]

This pages lists Fuzz pedals I have built over the years. All designs adapted from old fuzz designs found online. If you want me to build one for you contact me at: pekka [at] vrfy.fi


> OC140 Booster
> Tonebender Mk3c
> MAT-02 Fuzz
> Torso Fuzz 3
> Tonebender Mark II
> Torso Fuzz Mark I
> Treble Booster
> Buzzer (The Self Biasing Fuzz)
> The Fuzz Face

OC140 Booster 2019

Rangemaster-style booster with treble/full range switch and different input and output volume setup. Clean boost or overdriven boost depending on how the volume pots are set.

VERO Layout for the OC140 Boost.

Tonebender mk3c 2019

This is a rebuild of the mk2 with some component chages, better pots and better wiring. Rather authentic sound. The tone control is subtle but effective in getting rid of some of the top end "sting".

New wiring and layout:

VERO Layout for the mk3c.

MAT-02 Fuzz (in the works...) 2019

A Fuzz Face adaptation that uses very hifi (and old) dual complementary MAT-02 trasistor. With feedback bass control and tone control at the output. Simulates well. Has not been built yet. Should at least be low noise...


Adaptation of Jordan Bosstone. More edge and raw sound than germanium fuzz. "Big" sound thanks to LED clipping. Less gain but very punchy sound. Does not clean up from guitar volume as well as classic FF circuit but then again this sounds best at full tilt. Also good FM radio receiver if R11 is set to zero ohms...

BOSS & TONE in a box.


VERO Layout for Boss Tone.
Sound sample coming eventually...

Torso Fuzz 3 2019

Classic Fuzz Face with slightly less gain and thicker suond. No Fuzz control, just the guitar vol pot. FAT/FIT switch to get woofy or tight low end. This is a really good fuzz!

VERO Layout for Torso Fuzz.
Sound sample coming eventually...

Tonebender Mark II 2010

Adaptation of classic Tonbender mk2. Thick fuzz that cleans well from guitar volume pot. Perfect for stoner rock...

MK II in box with clean boost (used to be a fuzz):

Early version:

VERO Layout for Early version.

Torso Fuzz Mark I ~2010

A germanium FF clone with more than enough trimpots. Box borrowd from old EH Hog's Foot. Used as a test mule. Sounds good. Tricky to adjust...

A stock Hog's Foot is a completely useless pedal for guitarists.

VERO Layout for Torso mk1.

Treble Booster 2008

Single germanium transistor treble booster. Schematic lost along the way but basicly the classic RangeMaster but with OC140 NPN transistor. Kinda like on this Fuzz Central page. Pedal was sold quickly after building.

Outside the box:

In the box:

Buzzer (The Self Biasing Fuzz) 2005

Crazy screaming high gain fuzz that also biases with almost any transistor. Bass control to give thick or thin sound at input. Treble control at output. Gain control from guitar. This was built and sold in 2005. Might need to build a new one some day.



The Fuzz Face 2002

Classic germanium PNP Fuzz Face. Built in late 1990 and modified to work properly in 2002 when I finally learned to bias the circuit properly...


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